Friday, May 9, 2014

Two Roads Brewing

Finally got around to stopping in Stratford at Two Roads Brewing. I had tried the beer before, and although it was good I wrongly assumed that it was a small operation. Boy, was I wrong.

Right off the I-95 exit, Two Roads fills an old factory, and has over a dozen large tanks. 14? 16? It is a huge operation for Connecticut, and the layout inside was very impressive. They spent a lot of money on the start-up, and you can tell.

Of course, I like the Robert Frost quote inside (from where the brewery gets its name), and the idea of Igor Sikorsky Russian Stout beer (being a Connecticut booster).

Amy and I tried all 11 beers currently on tap, and though I am not a fan of bourbon beer (though I like either alone), I enjoyed everything else. I was particularly taken with the Maibock.

Amy like the IPAs. We will go back, of course, because this place is a destination, not just a brewery. It is larger than any of the wineries currently operating in the state already, and its product is consistent and good. Thanks for being one of Connecticut's newest and best attractions, guys!

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