Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mattabesett Trail

Took a lovely hike along the Mattabesett Trail over Mount Pisgah, past Pyramid Rock (above), and up the Mica Ledges to the corner marker of Guilford, Durham, and North Branford (see below).

Some great views, but there's a lot of development below, especially off the Mica Ledges. Really disgusting McMansions with no trees around them - like a wasteland - I can't believe that those are even permitted in Connecticut. We have some of the nicest suburbs in the country, all because of the trees. I'm sure its harder to leave them up, or put them in, when making a new development, but the box-like prefab houses and lack of trees just indicate the cheapest, most poorly thought out construction.

Luckily, such thoughts were far away as we watched red-tailed hawks from the ledges and ate a lunch of p and j sandwiches, gouda cheese, and apples.

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