Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Great Deal of Company

My wife, poet Amy Nawrocki, has a new poem published by Phi Kappa Phi's FORUM this Spring 2011. It's called "A Great Deal of Company" and highlights our encounter in Cape Cod's dunes with an artist named Laura Gajeweski (out there, Laura?). Amy's poem won runner up in this quarter's PKP poetry contest, her second to do so. I'm hoping next time will bring her a win!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter at Home

The snow this winter has been amazing. Though it has caused some problems, I choose to focus on the beauty of it as much as possible.

Guess we won't be going into the hot tub anytime soon...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amy Nawrocki Interviewed in The Port

Following is the interview my wife Amy Nawrocki did in the local web magazine, The Port, a couple years ago. They have since folded, from what I can tell, so I thought I would repost it here in advance of her poetry reading next week.

TP: Why do you prefer writing as your artistic medium? What makes the art of
writing stand out to you amongst other forms of artistic expression?

AN: I like the way words combine with other words to create sound and meaning. I can’t do that with music (others can but I can’t or haven’t), with something like photography I could create meaning but I particularly like words, so writing suits me. For me, writing stands out as an art form because of a personal connection.

TP: You’re a professor. As a writer and educator, how do you incorporate your
passion into your career? What would be some advice you would give aspiring

AN: Aspiring writers should read, read, and then read some more. We can find passion in works that we love, so we need to return to them again and again. We also find passion when we discover something new, a new writer or different voice. I try to inspire passion in my students by introducing them to other passionate writers and works.

TP: What do you find inspiring about a city like Bridgeport? What changes have you seen and what would you like to see more of?

AN: I like Bridgeport for its diversity. I like being able to encounter people from many different cultures. I enjoy being in a place where everyone is different from me. Growing up, I didn’t really experience that, so it’s fantastic that Bridgeport has it. I’ve been excited by the development of downtown, especially lately.

TP: You and a fellow professor have submitted pieces, both on the subject of the ocean and Long Island Sound. The ocean is a familiar muse in all forms of
artwork. What is it about the ocean that you find so stirring?

AN: The ocean is first of all a source of beauty. It’s also draws us through each of the senses. It’s full of contradictions--overwhelming, full of terror, yet among the most calming and tranquil places or things. It makes me feel small and insignificant yet mighty and invisible all at the same time.

TP: Daylights savings time recently occurred and the days are getting shorter. Are you a morning or evening person? Do you prefer winter or spring? When
and where do you find your inspiration?

AN: I want to be a morning person; I like getting up and getting things done, but in actuality, I rarely do that. The same thing happens in the evening. I want to accomplish a lot, but I end up getting side-tracked or tired. So I guess I’d say I’m a mid morning, early evening kind of person.

I like the seasons for how they look—lots of snow in the winter, changing leaves in the fall, and new green buds and colorful flowers in the spring. Summer bores me usually, and I don’t really like the heat, so that’s last on the list. I find a lot of inspiration in nature, so often inspiration for me is found outdoors.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011