Friday, August 10, 2012

Middleborough Historical Museum

We ventured outside the borders of Connecticut to Massachusetts' Middleborough Historical Museum this summer. Just your typical historical society museum...except that it has the second largest Tom Thumb exhibit in the world. Tons of fun stuff from Lavinia Warren Bump (Mrs. Tom Thumb) and my favorites...Charles Stratton's (Tom Thumb's) hunting outfit. Also - his tiny cane from the 1840s, a few wedding presents, and more...

Oh, and they also have a cool collection of other historical stuff. An old general store, et cetera. If you do go, don't be like the rude couple we saw that didn't pay the donation. These historical societies are always hanging on by a thread, because of our own citizens' apathy, usually. Of course, as soon as something happens to a historical home in town, everyone is up in arms. The other day I was asked why my own historical society "hadn't done anything" about a historical house we acquired fifty years ago. Uhm...because we don't have enough money to do anything about it? If you want to preserve history, get involved. If you don't have money, volunteer your time, and save America's precious artifacts, buildings, and documents.

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