Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prince Edward Island

This island now has to be one of my favorite livable areas of North America (I like the wilderness out west a lot, but wouldn't necessarily want to LIVE at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, etc.). It reminded me a lot of Europe, except the houses were not as old. The red sandstone really contrasts with the green fields, purple sea, and blue sky. We stayed for the most part in the 'touristy' part of the island - and it was barely touched.

This last one is the famous Green Gables, home of the fictional heroine "Anne of Green Gables," in reality the home of the author's (Lucy Maud Montgomery's) cousins.


Devon said...

Hi Eric -
I'm writing on behalf of Tourism Prince Edward Island. Your photos are lovely and we'd like it if you shared them on This is a place where travellers and PEI lovers can discuss their experiences on the Island and see images/videos. I hope you consider sharing.
All the best,

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Great pics, indeed!