Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Pennsylvania

I grew up in the Keystone State, and it was good to be back to visit our friends Ryan and Jenifer, along with our 'godson' Hawk. We had a great time at the Wharton Esherick museum and just hanging out with the one-year-old wonder. This is "Shearer Elegance" - the amazing bed and breakfast in Linfield, where we stayed.

We ended up splurging and buying an actual print made from a wood block carved by Wharton Esherick for a plate illustrating Walt Whitman's "Song of the Broad-Axe." It now graces our foyer and reminds me to work hard as I'm leaving the house, or entering it. Work is a pleasure that is unknown by the young, who often think it unpleasant. I know I did, but now revel in the opportunity to create and teach.

On Monday the fall semester begins, and it's back to some of that serious work. I'm deep into writing the history of Hamden, but this fall I will have plenty of chances to talk about Bridgeport on my fall tour. You'll be hearing more on that soon...

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Ryan Rasmussen said...

Love that house! And the other two ain't bad, either. I'll send along those pics from the playground.