Friday, May 11, 2012

Connecticut Learns to Say Momofuku

On my way to a friend’s apartment, I walked the New York City sidewalks with a full backpack pressing my feet into the concrete. Block after block, across each rush-hour street. Restaurants and vendors beckoned, but I ignored them. I strode past busy women in long trenchcoats and sleepy-eyed hipsters. Turning left on 13th street, I reached my destination on the corner of 2nd Avenue: Momofuku Ssam Bar. No one stood in line at the Milk Bar “take-out” section of the restaurant, and I put down the pack and ordered two pork buns. Three minutes later, I squirted generous helpings of Sriracha onto the tender pork belly cradled in the pillowy bun, and bit into one of the best things I’ve ever tasted...

Read the rest at Connecticut Food and Wine.

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