Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interviewed by "The Port"

A few months ago I was interviewed by the Bridgeport web magazine, "The Port." Here's the transcript of the interview for all those who missed it!

Why do you prefer writing as your artistic medium? What makes the art of writing stand out to you amongst other forms of artistic expression?

I prefer writing because it is a single act of communication, between myself and the reader. Unlike architecture or film, which have their own merits, I prefer writing because I can control it. Perhaps that’s selfish of me!

You’re a professor. As a writer and educator, how do you incorporate your passion into your career? What would be some advice you would give aspiring writers?

Both writing and teaching involve connecting with other people. So it’s not hard to inject my passion for connection into both areas of my life.

My advice to aspiring writers is to persist, adapt, and practice. So many of my friends and students who wanted to become writers never did it, but not because of the quality of their work. They simply did not persist in either writing or revising, could not or would not adapt to the business of writing, and did not continue to practice.

What do you find inspiring about a city like Bridgeport? What changes have you seen and what would you like to see more of?

I find inspiration in the stories of Bridgeport’s people. They have been through a lot, but continue to create their own successes and band together to build a better community. I hope to see even more of that spirit!

You and a fellow professor have submitted pieces, both on the subject of the ocean and Long Island Sound. The ocean is a familiar muse in all forms of artwork. What is it about the ocean that you find so stirring?

The ocean is both eternal and ever-changing. However, I probably write about it because I see it every day!

Daylights savings time recently occurred and the days are getting shorter. Are you a morning or evening person? Do you prefer winter or spring? When and where do you find your inspiration?

The autumn is the most inspiring time of year for me. There’s nothing better than hiking through a yellow forest when the leaves are falling. But I get my best ideas right before I fall asleep, so I’m always sure to keep a pen and paper ready on the nightstand.

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